Internet Crime

Hey guys, I have the “internet crime” situation currently active. I have set intelligence service spending to maximum, and for long enough for it to have full effect, but it hasn’t fixed the problem. Does anything else get rid of this?

Never mind, found internet censorship, although I feel dirty for using it.

Anyways, if a mod wants to tidy up the forum by removing my post, go right ahead please.

Max inteligence helps, but you cant do it without at least minimal censorship.
Not sure if you should feel bad, some pages should just be shut down (and owners examined).

Internet Censorship has negative side effect for Technology, but it could be negated by setting its intensity to ‘Extreme Case’. You can also max out the Intelligence expenditure too.

Internet taxes also reduce internet crime… somehow. I guess by driving off legitimate users, leaving a smaller pool for the wannabe “sharks” who use the internet for criminal activities.

This game needs a “darknet” situation that can arise if the internet is overregulated or overtaxed. (Telecommuting initiatives might cause trouble here too; people who are on the internet constantly will be much savvier about evading controls.) I think the right effect would be ‘promote liberalism, annoy everyone’.

The effective enforcement of internet taxes necessarily requires a much better infrastructure for regulating websites on the Internet than most countries have. You are exercising a greater deal of control over the Internet, catching scam websites in the process. After all, how can you charge Internet taxes if you can’t shut down tax evaders? And if you can shut down tax evaders, you can shut down criminals. So I think this one makes sense.

As for darknet, I think that’s a good one. High levels of technology combined with Internet taxes or censorship would produce this effect. It should probably increase the liberal population (but not their happiness with your policies) and increase Internet crime, while annoying conservatives.