Internet key help

I downloaded this game a long time ago, im not exactly sure from where. I either never got the email or did get it but have changed emain accounts since then (i used to not check my email very much) is there any way to get a new one as I would really like to play this game online.

Hello, to bad there is no hello forums, if there is it show me. Anyway i need registration code to get online on my game so i can play Campaign.


[size=150]Jim Raynor[/size]

For what game? gratuitous space battles? In which case this is the wrong forum. You get your reg code in the email confirming purchase of the game.

My apologies. I’m new and i’m not use to be myself. Forgive me sir. I’m just… you know what i’m mean sir.

I just need to play campaign, beacuse GSB is very fun.

[size=150]Jim Raynor[/size]

As cliffski says - The quickest way to get your internet code is to go here: … quest.html
In the process is will ask for your email address - that is where the code will be sent.

Please Note The campaign requires a constant internet connection to generatre the random fleets for you to stomp.