Invalid Cd Key

Greetings to all! I have a little problem:
I Bought this game on Steam, playied it some day in offline mode and then i tried to register online, and here the problem poped out :
The Cd key is invalid, i tried many times but nothing.
I posted my problem in the steam support forum, and they said that is not a steam problem and i need to contact the game producer, so im here.

Obiouvsly i can give the proof of purchase and all things you need for resolve my problems.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi there, the key is valid, but there seems to be a bug with some of the longer ones in the way they are put in. Some people are saying they cant paste the key in, and some say they can’t type them in. In my experience, if you type in the full key (don’t Ctrl+V) then it goes in fine.
I think the clipboard code assumes shorter keys, but you can type it in manually ok…

I typed all the time manually and it doesent works, now i uset ctrl+v and it works lool.

Thanks for the support mate!