Invalid Product Key

Hey guys!
Okay to the nitty gritty.
I have bought the full version (definately reputable as I had Cliff look into the Product key and he says it is a good key).
I have the receipt and everything.
I still cannot get online with this game.
I have tried running without my firewall and without AVG running.
I have turned off my Spyware S&D
I still cannot get online.
I guess that narrows it down to my router.
It is a Linksys.
My Google-Fu must be weak, because I can’t find what ports this game requires open if any.
I call upon and beseech the collective for its aid in this matter.


do you have a proxy setup with internet explorer? that might throw it.

Are you pasting it from Steam? The last digit doesn’t get copied or pasted (haven’t checked which), but you have to add it on the end yourself after pasting. Otherwise the key is invalid.

IE? Why didn’t I think of that…
I use Firefox, and it appears my IE is not working.
Using the trouble shooter, it diagnoses that a few ports may not be working so IE is not connecting to the internet.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I got my code in an email.

Thanks to you guys and Daniweb, My IE is now working properly, and I can now enjoy this game to its fullest.
Problem solved.
I can now accept challenges as GratuitousSpaceBlob.

See ya on the battlefield.

Windows uses the settings for IE if you sue the built in windows code to connect to the internet. People often aren’t aware of that, and it does seem strange. Also, it makes a mockery of the idea that IE is not integrated into the O/S :smiley: