Inverse Restrict


I’m back with another question:

Is there a way to restrict all modules at once for a race? I will explain it in detail. I have created the race X. For this race I want to create new pictures for all modules. But the old modules of the alliance, federation, rebells and empire are still among the modules when I change the race. So is there a way to only show specific modules when I create a ship? I thought about to restrict all basic vanilla modules to the 4 core races but this would make the mod imcompatible with other mods (like The Tribe)… So is there maybe some kind of reverse restrict? Like ban = “X”?

Or maybe I could list all standart modules in the race.txt like all turrets are listed there? Well I will just give it a try but the chances for sucess are considerably low :wink:
–> Well I actually CAN list them, with no effect at all ^^

To my knowledge, there isn’t a user-accessible means to keep a module limited to more than one race, and therefore forbidden to other races not explicitly listed.

I just tried several experiments on a randomly-selected module (the frigate tractorbeam) and tried to keep it available to Fed, Alliance, Rebel, and Tribe…and forbidden to the Empire. It didn’t work. I tried all of the obvious variations that the ‘restricted’ variable’s syntax might allow, and none of them had any effect other than making the frigate tractorbeam disappear for ALL races. Interesting and unexpected, but not useful for your particular problem.

I’m open to suggestions at this point. I regret that this issue may very well be out of reach of the “Mod Patrol”.

One crude way to do this would be to replace the original module with several copies, one version for each race that you want to be allowed to use the module. Each one would be restricted to a different race, but would keep the same display name (and other stats) as the others. To keep the game from getting confused internally, they’d each need different “name” parameters (and of course be in differently named files). This should make the module show up the same in the game for each race except the one it is not allowed in. The downside is lots of clutter in the modules folder.

I’ve been planning on doing exactly this to distinguish the races in my mod, whenever I find more time to work on it.

I posted on this as well. Would be nice if “restricted =” worked with comma separated entries.

Restricted = federation, rebels, alliance etc.