I know that there is already banks/loans but wouldn’t it be better/make more sense to also have investors investing in your company(considering its a startup). It would have a different function than loans, for example: Investor appear depending on number of investor you already have, your efficiency of car production, advertisement, and your profits. Investor can stop investing depending on how bad your Perceived Quality is and customers happiness. Different investor invest different amount in return for share of the company’s profit, all comes with terms you agree with or not. Things doesn’t have to be exactly like this but something like this wouldn’t be bad.

One more thing, I think this game need to be more difficult (for me at least) considering that the A.I. is really bad. There is really only one way to get money(not from loans) and there are so many way to lose money such as: raw materials, power, wages, components, capital, structures, and etc., but the game is eazyyy. Usually after the first two millions profit its downhill from there. I think adding different difficulty to the game would be great.

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You could also add a cheat into the game where you give yourself the name Elon Musk and investors keep investing despite you making poor quality cars and massive losses!

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poor quality? seriously?

Just a little dig at their build quality, panel gaps in particular.

Its not what one expects from a £160k car, even if it is packed with rare earth metals.

For £160k I’d like to see Maybach levels.