Invincible Frigates?

I’m playing version 1.55 of GSB Galactic Conquest and I’m enjoying it so far. One problem I noticed was that a system had a class of frigate that my plasma cruisers could never hit. I had to retreat, because they just wore me down because no attack worked. They seemed to be affected by tractor beams but nothing else was effective. Is this a known issue?

If it makes a difference, the system in question had a fighter prohibition.

This doesn’t seem like a bug, it looks more like a really fast frigate…

Yeah, small and fast frigates. You must pay attention to the tracking speed of the weapons you fit in your ships. Plasma is definitely no good against frigates.

Ah, that must have been it. I tried again with some missile cruiser and they were able to get enough hits over time to take them out. I don’t think I’ve seen Frigates that fast… ever.

Some GSB players are incredibly cunning. they will even design ships with some module slots deliberately left blank to get the right speed settings if that is their aim :smiley: