Invincible Ships?????

Well, i have encountered a new “bug”? that is making me crazy.

Some sprites and i really dont know y, appear to be indestructible. I put only 1 ship on the deployment, i let the cpu to kill that ship but it will never die, just appear the hulk sprite and then another sprite over it ¿?¿? ¿wtf? ¿someone knows how to solve this bug?

EDIT: NM, i figured it out for my self. It seems that the explosions section was corrupted or something , i was using a explosions section from other hull. Thats the reason -.- (but i still dont understand y the ship becomes a ghost…).

I think I put in my explosions guide a couple of warnings saying what you shouldn’t do to avoid having ‘indestructible’ ships.

Basically a ship with no explosions or putting STARTBREAKUP as the last explosion happening will cause this.

yeah that was the reason :wink: thx for the link, i forgot that!

I have a custom ship that does this fairly often, but not every time, and “EXP_STARTBREAKUP” is not the last line listed. In fact its the second. So what else can cause this?

Well, there’s a little problem if you use early STARTBREAKUP and then you put a long explosion sequence. It is that you’ll get some sort of “ghost” ship (engine glows and damage zones are showed alongside with the spining hulk o.O) until the ship finishes exploding.

That’s the reason I don’t leave long intervals of time between the ship’s breakup and the last explosions.

I only have 6 steps in the sequence (0-5). I moved it to 3rd with only two steps remaining,…still no luck.
Ghost ship still appears.
Guess I will rename the ship “Flying Dutchman”. LOL

Must be something corrupt somewhere.

Well, i am not placing the explosions in a specific order, i just m sure that starbreakup is not at the end . Try this sequence, for example and see if u get luck.

0 = 0.00,194.00,183.00,EXP_FRIGATE
1 = 210.00,100.00,120.00,EXP_STARTBREAKUP
2 = 270.00,88.50,160.50,EXP_FRIGATEDEBRIS
3 = 200.00,135.00,101.00,EXP_FRIGATEBREAKUP
4 = 200.00,125.50,40.50,EXP_PLUMES
5 = 200.00,170.50,156.50,EXP_BLASTGLARE

I had a very similar sequence earlier, but on a whim I copied your sequence (even the coordinates) and replaced mine. So far it hasnt happened again. I have only run a few sims, but it appears to have fixed the issue.
Weird. Perhaps my coordinates caused some kinda issue?


Nah, i dont think the coordenates should cause a bug, as i said i always copy/paste the explosion sequence and then i modify the coordenates through the game editor, if u have problems, the best thing to do is just erase all the explosion section and do a copy/paste from an orignal game hull, that should always work, even if u have misplaced coordenates. Good u solved the issue, now enjoy GBS! lol…