Invisible Online Deployment!

With intel on enemy deployment, anyone can figure out what sort of strategy is being used and what type of fleet.

What if we had no information on their placement and race like in normal mode Expert? What fun that would be.

See this thread: for how to do that. Well, except for the race, but you know that in expert mode also.

All that does is add one almost-guaranteed failed attempt before the normal win:loss distribution.

Then perhaps a mode that makes a ship completely invisible until they come within a certain range of an enemy. They would also have specialized orders for finding the ship as well as modules that increase vision range.

That seems silly. You’re in space, what’s going to block the view?

A plethora of [size=200]Spacial Anomalies[/size]. Also, nearby stars, planets and a nebula or two. :smiley:

Iain M Banks was big on mirrorfields, and other methods for ships to basically display a projection of empty space in front of them. i always thought that was kinda cool…

Mmmm, Banks. I knew you were a fan from the ship names. :slight_smile: