Inviting Friends to Social Events

I just modified my game and have been playing it for only a short bit and am now coming up with the problem of inviting friends on social events. I keep getting messages from them that say they’re bored of the activity, that they did it recently, or they do it too often, and yet, it is an activity that I haven’t done with them in a while. I’m trying to figure out what I could have possibly changed to make them reject the invites, or if there is something I could change so they accept the invitation.

This could be




being changed or maybe

I changed BOREDOM_DEGRADE to its default and nope, still got the same reactions.

How long is “a while” when you try to re-invite them to do the same activity? A week? Ten days?

It sounds like some file must have been borked somehow. If you reinstall the game from scratch, does the issue go away?