iPad game crashes

Hi I Downloaded game yesterday however I am getting game crashes every time I go into various screens. It looks like there is a bug that crashes out of the game whenever you go into cost history then close out of it. This only appears to happen when the cost screen is a full width I.e police force and not when it is the smaller variety I.e foot standards agency. Have checked them all and it is the same. This is very annoying as can’t really play game like this as you lose all plays up until the crash. Can you look into this.



I have had the same problem

Have you tried closing out all other apps and closing out Democracy (double tap home button and slide all apps up).

Another thing is try resetting your device. When was the last time you resettled it completely? Hold down both the power and home button until the device turns off and starts back up.

If none of those fixes it, try uninstalling and reinstalling the game again.

Tried this all, still getting a crash. The game is unplayable like this. Does the developer read these messages? Can anyone else check if this is happening to them (petrol tax crashes) for example.


Yep. Currently I’m on a 4th gen iPad running iOS 7.1.1 and I checked my income history for both Petrol Tax and Corporate Tax. Both times they crashed.

I guess it’s an issue in the actual app, which you cannot fix. All you can do is complain to the Dev until he fixes it.

Though I personally don’t care. I don’t ever use the income history button.

Does the developer look at the support thread for his games? 12 days since logged a post still no response, it’s not a free game so I would expect some support

Hi, I’m looking into this right now…

Hi, this appears to be an ipad-specific issue,. so I’ll chase the ipad developer.

Thanks looking to get back into playing this.


All fixed for me - now to get my teeth into it