Ipad Version App Store ?

Hello everybody, sorry why can’t I find the democracy version for iPad in the app store ?
Thanks for answers, Christian

Hi, the game has not yet been ported to the ipad, that’s why :smiley:
it’s in the OSX app store though!

Thanks for the info, did you work on that? Will be fine….! Christian

You should make one for iPad! I would buy a copy.

I get the feeling that Steam, being usually installed on powerful PCs, are for heavy-weight, aggressively flavored games with tons of explosions and gore. Where iPad gamers tend to look for light-flavored, slow-paced games like Democracy.

Democracy’s interface of the sliders and buttons seem perfect for the touchscreen too, and probably works better on iPad than GSB, which already got ported.

Yes I can definitely imagine the game on the ipad, but unfortunately I suck at porting so I’d need to hire someone, and wager that it would bring in more than it cost to port. The problem with IOS games is that IOS gamers are fanatical about low pricing. D3 is a niche game so it would need a higher price given its low likely sales, and the torrent of abuse even $5.99 games get would probably drive me nuts :smiley:

I think it would be a perfect game for iOS. I think a ton of people would like to use it, let alone student in schools. I would love to play this while watching tv or while I am at work. If you could get a relatively cheap port, it would be free money for you.

Indeed, I am investigating what would be involved, I agree that it would be great to see it on that platform if I can make it work!

Hey Cliff :slight_smile: I created a login solely for the purpose of being another pro iPad version voice to reinforce what the others have been saying: 1) the iPad version definately has a great market waiting for it, and 2) pretty please :slight_smile: ! Thanks for making some awesome games!

I also think this would be a great idea, not only will it widen the games exposure & revenue but it will also make it far more accessible to people on the move! Being able to access saved games between varying platforms would be very handy also. Quick 30 mins on the iPad whilst on the train, then save up and go back to it on the Computer when you get home!

Also to note, I would leave the price higher and not worry about the backlash. keeping D3 at a higher price will show it is not a ‘throwaway’ app game but something with far more substance. Not knocking app games but considering D3 has had a lot of time & effort brought into it the price should reflect accordingly. (in my humble opinion)

So… the good news is, I have arranged for the game to be ported to the ipad! I don’t have an ETA yet, but I’ll update this thread when I do. The save file format between PC/Linux/Mac and IOS will be the same (it’s all just xml) so although it won’t be automated, it will certainly be possible to share games between platforms if you are happy to copy files.

positech.co.uk/cliffsblog/2014/0 … that-is-d/

Wow as a new player of D3 I’m really impressed. Yes the price is not the usual standard of app store but I bought it on a friend’s big recommendation and now I’m hooked badly as I can literally play this everwhere lol…

Now when I check this forum I discover that there is already 2 DLC expansion available. Any chance of them making it to iPad anytime soon? I would love to get them as an IAP and I imagine it won’t be too hard to port. Please bring them over too, I have steam but much prefer playing D3 on the go with ipad :slight_smile:

Hi, porting the DLC to ipad is definitely on our ‘todo’ list :smiley:

Any idea when it will be available?