iPad Version Mods

Will I be able to put my mod of Portugal(available on the steam workshop) onto the iPad and will the DLCs be available to the iPad

I’ve played Portugal on PC, and it seems it’s lacking the small flag that appears on the compass. Can you fix that? I’m only posting it here since you are the mod’s creator.

I have now added the compass and your mod should have been updated through the steam workshop, if you would like to request anything please feel free on my forum thread viewtopic.php?f=37&t=9708 or through the steam workshop comment section

As of version 1.14 on June 10th, no.

The DLC currently isn’t available.
There is also no mods menu. Though the reason why there is no mod support I believe has much more to do with actual closed-off software of the iPad (iOS) rather than Cliffski hadn’t been supporting it.