Just wondering how would someone lose IQ in real life ? It’s pretty hard to get stupid over time after reading all the books and stuff.

Also how are you suppose to achieve 85 IQ for certain scientist jobs ? Because I’m stuck at like 60%.

IQ has 3 different components, you cant get high IQ using a single method, you need all 3 boosted, theres lots of different things that boost IQ, and you will need to do a bit of all of them.

There’s an easy answer for that, if you look at what IQ represents in the game (which is not inate smarts but rather “book” learning). For example, in the real world I haven’t kept up with computer hardware in ages, so I went from being very tech savy to a near imbicile as far as computer hardware. I assume the same would be true for cultural things (think fashion trends) and scientific theories (they’re always disproving old ones and coming up with new). Still, I wouldn’t expect it to be too drastic over the short term (top end should be lost, but I’d expect it to settle out near the middle and not drop much below that, so you’re not cutting edge, but not stupid either).