Is 1.32 out or not?

I saw a thread in the bugs forum from early this week that suggested GBS2 1.32 had been released, but still doesn’t have it yet as of Friday afternoon (at least not for the Mac). It seemed to me that the previous two patches were up on within a day or so of being available elsewhere, but it seems like this one (assuming it did get released) got lost somewhere. Is there someplace official I should be looking to see when patches are actually released?

I’m pretty sure GoG have it, but I think they have a sale on right now, so may be a bit swamped.

Update: still does not have 1.32, and when I wrote them an email about it, they said they “are unable to estimate when the patch will be released”. It is getting more than a little frustrating for me, and I certainly won’t buy another game through in the future, no matter how much I might want it.

Speaking of which, I bought directly from Positech to avoid having to wait for Steam to tell me about updates, but only found out about 1.32 because of this thread. What’s the official way to hear about updates?

The only place I know of that provides any information on new versions (and it is not exactly crystal clear) is this thread in the support forum:


The thread, along with other posts in the support forum, cumulatively suggest that 1.33 is out and 1.34 is currently in development. Not that I would know, given that still to this date only has 1.31. I have regrettably concluded that, as far as the version is concerned, the game has been abandoned. Should have saved my money.

That is definitely not true. GoG have 1.33, and will be getting 1.35 the minute I get a mac & linux build for them.

Alas, while may “have” 1.33, it hardly matters if they don’t actually make it available to the game’s purchasers. I just checked my game library there, and it continues to only have 1.31. Based upon that and the email I got from their support team which made no promises about there EVER being another update to GSB2 posted, I have to assume that I am at the end of the road with regard to GSB2 updates until such time as I see differently.

Mystic and I may be talking about different problems.

My problem is that exactly one (1) time since I bought GSB2 directly from Positech back in May 2015, launching the game took me to a screen where an update was downloaded and applied, bringing me up to the then-latest version. This process took about three subjective hours in spite of a high speed internet connection.

Every other time a new version has come out, I’ve learned about it from a forum message mentioning it. I wait for a day or two to see if the game will update itself. When it doesn’t, I go to the BMT Micro download link from my original “thank you for your purchase” email, download the full installer in a few minutes, and install it over the previous version. I did this just last night to get up to the 1.35 release.

Update: out of curiosity I just looked to see what has for the Windows version of GSB2, and for that OS they do have 1.35. So it is just the Mac version (that one that I need) that is apparently being ignored and continues to only have 1.31 available for download.

Okay, after I sent another email to support asking again why they had fallen four updates behind on the Mac version, sometime this morning they finally updated it to 1.35. I don’t know whether that was because of my persistent nagging, or whether Cliff got after them about it … if the latter, you have my thanks. Now I just hope this won’t be an ongoing thing where I have to keep lighting fires under them to get the latest GSB2 updates for the Mac.