Is border wall just a meme?

I decided just for the hell of it to give this policy a try just to see what happens since it is in the game. At a cost of 40 PC it is not a policy that will be commonly available anyways. I launched the United States, and was immediately confronted with the fact that my maximum PC was less than 40, so I just had to play a normal game for a while. At first everybody hates me, so the years of revolving door cabinet happened and I ended up having to extend the term limit to get this done.

I finally implement it, and it is mostly an opinion modifier. The one weird part is that it actually does reduce immigration. I know you are producing an update that will divide immigration into legal and illegal. It goes without saying that a wall wouldn’t reduce legal immigration, but there is also plenty of material to debunk the idea that it would reduce illegal immigration. From the fact that most illegal migrants aren’t physically walking across the border to the fact that those who are have already crossed greater obstacles than a wall, it just won’t work anyways.

I know I’m beating one of the deadest horses that ever died here by debunking the wall, but why does this thing produce a -26.79% impact on immigration at minimum funding? Side note, this also demonstrates how powerful immigration is in game, as even with this policy immigration is still at the top of the chart.

If we really want a meme reference to the border wall maybe name the top end of border controls to some reference to building a wall? I know I’m normally advocating more depth and complexity, but in this case I think this is something that can be chopped.

The studies I’ve seen say that a border wall reduces illegal immigration by up to 40%. Now, that should definitely be at the high end and I’d think that it should be much lower than the 27% it’s at when at minimum. I don’t know what the percentage should be, though.

Immigration’s about to get a big re-balance, so ask again later.


Without even providing a link to said studies there is no way anyone could accept such a claim at face value.


To be fair, the same argument can be made for the OP’s claim that there is “plenty of material to debunk the idea” without reducing illegal immigration. Even so, here’s the specific study I had in mind when I said that.

How tall is your wall if you are using it stop airplanes?


Is this an issue that needs fixing? What’s the maximum value of the wall? Has anything changed?