Is GSB all 2D?

From what I’ve heard, GSB is all hardware accelerated 2D rendering using DirectX, is that correct?

Are there any 3D meshes used or is it all 2D sprites? How about the explosions and light, all pure 2D too?

Its all 2D in the game and yes it uses DirectX.
The ships have been created in Lightwave (in 3D) and a top down image was generated for the game.

Head to the Modding thread for more information

Interesting, thanks. But what about the explosions, are they all traditional 2D effects? Looks very much like 3D to me, but I’m obviously not an expert.

I am no an expert either - i just mess around with the game . . . alot :stuck_out_tongue:

Ha! Understatement of the millennium, old buddy! :smiley: Also makes me think of that awesome Ray Charles song, “The Mess Around”.

A fellow messer :wink: