Is it just me, or has the game gotten significantly more difficult?

I tried playing the UK SEVERAL times on the latest build, and I’ve found it impossible to get my approval up above 30% at best. I have done absolutely everything I could to appease Capitalists, but all my ministers who are sympathetic to capitalists resign anyways (that’s another thing, I’ve found once a minister has become disloyal, their loyalty continues to drop no matter how much I try to course correct, which of course upsets Everyone and further impacts my approval).

Now it seems my usual playstyle is guaranteed to lose. No matter how high Capitalist and Liberal opinion are (the majority demographics in the UK), and no matter how well I’m doing with everyone else, I still lose reelection.

Am I missing something? What should I be doing differently in the early game? Something’s clearly changed, because usually once the economy improves so does public opinion.


I’ve noticed this as well. Both balancing a budget and getting re-elected…the first time… are a lot more difficult. On the plus side, I’m not constantly being assassinated anymore.

The re-election issue comes down to a lack of context in people’s opinions, which I think I’ll make a post about.

I just tried the USA and had a MUCH easier time, so it’s something to do with the UK in particular.

I agree, I have failed playing the UK for the past 6-7 times. closest I got was 49%, but this is just impossible now

Before in a game with the UK I had 100% and recently between returned with the last update and without making any changes, the approval went down to 45 I do not know why

Could be any one of a number of balance changes we made. We do keep track of the win/loss rates for every map, so we will be constantly rebalancing stuff like this. The general consensus until recently was that the entire game was way too easy :smiley: All feedback is welcome on this though. Is it a specific strategy that now seems impossible?


Punishingly hard is miles better than the cakewalk it used to be.


Tbh it might be “just you” since I didn’t have any difficulty with the UK in the latest version.

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I guess that more specific answers would help.