Is kudos worth buyings?

Is the full version fun? Should I buy the game? The demo kept crashing but after awhile it worked but it wasnt that long. So how is the full version? :question:

I meant worth buying…sorry

Of course it’s worth buying! 10 years is a long time. I can play one game in a sitting, but that’s a fair number of hours, and I tend to be fairly unsociable. I just get me a boyfriend and socialise with him. Thus my turns take a short time.

I bought Kudos earlier this afternoon and have played it for around 6 hours. I’m less than halfway through my first game so I’m not sure game length will be a problem. Also, I believe Kudos would have a high replayability factor.

Yep, I think it is worth it. 10 years, yep, you can play it through in one sitting if you sit for a while and click around fast but you can replay it again and again and it is as fun as the first time.

I guess the game is a little different from the rest of the games out there but if you played the demo and enjoyed it then the full game is more of everything and it is worth to buy it :slight_smile:

Yes, if you enjoyed the demo. It’s not expensive, there’s a lot of replayability in it, and if you like modding I think there’ll be a lot of scope.

Oh, and I forgot to say – it’s fun getting the extra downloads too. So far there’s been something new each day. I love today’s cool-looking black dude :slight_smile:

thanks for the help…I think I might get the full version if my mom will let me! :laughing: