Is payload a valid option

For example can I use “payload = RADIATION” to give my bullet weapons a radiation effect? I saw it in an old modual idea for a nano bot gun (viewtopic.php?f=23&t=5342) and was wondering if it still works?

Yes, you can still use radiation as a payload for a bullet.
But as you saw in the thread you linked to, be careful with your values

Thanks for the reply.

Yes, but you’ll have to decide for yourself what sort of values you’re going to use for your modded weapon’s radiation_damage, radiation_decay, total_damage, and damage_duration parameters. Check the Modding 101 Guide stickied at the top of the Gratuitous Modding forum for more info.

With the total_damage, and damage_duration parameters that does absolutely nothing beside the UI ^^

ok now for a big shot in the dark. I was wondering if it was possible to make a radiation round (maybe a missile) that would have an AOE effect?

Unfortunately, no. AoE is provided by the payload = FLAK variable, radiation damage by payload = RADIATION. Since a module can’t have two payload types, no dice.

(Also, I believe that the flak payload is restricted to bullet weapons anyway.)

ahh well there goes my super weapon ;). Thanks for the info i’m gonna start playing around now.

Indeed it is.