Is that it?

Well, I just bought the game yesterday night, with all of the DLC on steam, and ‘finished’ it yesterday night as well, spent some time today playing on harder difficulty levels and I’ve long since unlocked everything. The mechanics seem good, and the game is fun, but is that really all of the content that there is? Seems to be only a small handful of mission where most of them are against the same foe (the rebels). Please tell me I’m missing something, because the amount of content I got, though good while it lasted, was definitely NOT worth the $25.

try the online challenges, GSB is rly more of a multiplayer game

All the races play slightly differently too, even if you somehow don’t want to try one of the 32,000 online challenge battles. There are 8 races in total, and there are the survival missions as well.
I don’t think it’s possible to ‘finish’ GSB. And even if somehow you did, there are also all the mods to play with as well.
It’s a pretty sprawling game now :smiley:

Play challenges, that’s where the meat of the game is. I consider the single player to be like a long tutorial for the Challenge aspect.

I’d say instead that the many fine player-created modded races are where the action is. :wink:

Yes, but just saying ‘play the challenges’ is not enough. With 32000 challenges it is a bit daunting to know where to start. Play the Serial Attack Challenges (SAC), the Never Ending Challenges (NEC) and find a buddy and Duel Down. I’d provide links to the ‘heads’ of these but I am at a conference and limited on time.

This is the biggest reason that I think the Duel Downs, NEC, and SAC ‘modes’ of play need to be codified into the game, so new players can find them and play them without having to learn the intricacies of the challenge system.

Also, don’t forget that the Campaign is coming, and it will provide hours of pure GSB enjoyment. You won’t beat that overnight - or even in a week.

The built-in scenarios are for the most part very easy - an extended trainer if you will. The online scenarios range from fun and easy to nightmarish in difficulty.

If you want some easy ones, look for mine (outlander78) - I put up a bunch that feature a wide variety of opponents, but not much challenge.

Have fun!