Is the game 2D?

I’m curious, because I’d really like it if it was. I’d like ships to be able to hide behind other ship’s shields, I’d like ECM’d missiles to hit whatever they spin into, I’d like pew pews to pew whatever they hit, original target or not. Sure, throw in friendly fire for double awesome. The game can devolve into blobs of ships, and if a plasma got a roll against every ship in its line of flight, that’d be hilarious.

The game is 2D.

And here is a demo … /demo.html

Now, BUY THE GAME! … ister.html

Uh… yeah.

To be clearer, is the game universe 2D, or are we ‘pretending’ it has depth? When ECM makes a missile spin out, it often crosses many targets without exploding. Regular shots that miss again often cross many targets without interacting. Shields only protect the owning ship and shots at other ships can ignore them. In some situations this looks pretty silly, with a screen full of explosions that don’t hurt anyone.

Of course, if shots could interact with every target they cross (or every target ‘behind’ the target) they’d need to disappear at some point to prevent plasmas hitting people on the other side of the map.

Thats is exactly because the game is in pseudo 3D. ships routinely fly above or beneath each other. But the players view is just restricted to 2D top-down.

The game is 7D! It has gratuitous dimensions!

It’s just the extra four (above the two spatial dimensions and one time dimension) are all rolled up so you can’t see them.
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