Is the lottery ticket actually worth anything?

I did a quick browse through the assets.csv and a couple other config files, and I couldn’t find any values that actually showed the probability of winning the lottery in the game. Is there something (quite likely, I would guess) I’m missing or is the lottery ticket just thrown in the game for shiggles, and not actually worth buying?

It’s a bit of social commentary from the designer :smiley:
No, you cannot win. Just like in practical terms, you are amazingly unlikely to win a real lottery. I debated long and hard about whether or not people would get the joke :smiley:

…and here I was buying one every week along with food for the critters…

Nice one! 8)

You should give it a Value of one in a million.

In most lotteries, you can win a small amount somewhat regularly. I don’t play to win the million, I just hope for $10 now and then.