Is there a reason my modules are locking themselves?


I recently purchased Gratuitous Space Battles. Even before I started, I noticed that there were quite a few modules that came without needing to spend honor on them.

And now they are slowly requiring unlocking in Fleet HQ and this should not happen.

I wasn’t going to complain about it, but suddenly Frigate Tractor Beams locked themselves this morning, and that kind of cripples my fleet design. If anyone can please explain why this is happening, that would really be appreciated.

looks like the new patch 1.42 or 1.41 made this… so it isn’t at random but on purpose balance changes

Well, I for one strongly disapprove because that completely wrecked all of my designs and now how will I shoot fighters? An anti-fighter CRUISER?

…I guess I need to do some experimentation.

or you can earn some honors and unlock them…

I punched your fleet so hard that it locked the modules you used <_<

You can also edit a file in the mygames folder and give yourself loads of honor

An AF cruiser is possible, if not exactly the best idea.

Spam is the key with that.

You can edit the file My Documents\My Games\GratuitousSpaceBattles\unl.dat with notepad. A fully unlocked example is below. Just remove the line(s) for any module(s) that should still be locked. Also change the number on the last line to whatever your honor should be.

[unlocks] cruiser_ecm shield cruiser_armour III cruiser_targetboosterII frigate ecm shock missile frigate_pointdefence II cruiser_nanorepair cruiser_armour V cruiser_engine IV crusier_camoflage frigate_armour III frigate_auto_pointdefence cruiser shield fastrecharge cruiser reinforced power II frigate disruptor bomb frigate turboshield empire alliance rebel cruiser_repair_armor1 frigate_superlight shield cruiser_pdscanner2 cruiser superchargedtractor cruiser crew IV cruiser powered armor cruiser_carrier_reinforced cruiser droidbay cruiser_repair_armor2 cruiser_armour IV cruiser missile multiple cruiser shield multiphasic frigate_laser frigate crew micro cruiser micro crew cruiser rocket cruiser dummy missile cruiser light plasma cruiser_carrier frigate ecm shock missile v2 frigate fastmissile cruiser_pointdefenceII cruiser crew_reinforced frigate_armour V cruiser_automated point_defence cruiser_engine VI fighter target painter fighter_armour V fighter_armour IV frigate_armour IV cruiser_armour VI cruiser_engine V Imperial Legion Cruiser hull Federation Wolf Frigate hull Imperial Hasta Frigate hull Federation Hawk Fighter Rebel Loki Frigate hull Imperial Javelin Fighter Rebel Achilles Fighter Rebel Fenrir Cruiser Federation Panther Cruiser hull Alliance Shark Cruiser hull Alliance Wasp Frigate hull Alliance Tarantula Fighter cruiser shield super cruiser_armour Vb order_temple_cruiser order_redemption_frigate cruiser_nuclearmissile cruiser_firefly_rocket Swarm Osiris Fighter Swarm Horus Frigate hull Swarm Sekhmet Cruiser hull FedElite Panther frigate_smallbeamlaser cruiser plasma cruiser_protonbeam cruiser_pointdefence frigate torpedo cruiser_ecm shock cruiser light shield cruiser_pulselaser frigate tractor frigate light shield cruiser_federation_beamlaser cruiser_targetboosterI fighter_armour III cruiser megatonmissile [points] points = 100000

or just change the honor 2 like 10 million and unlock everything :slight_smile:

the honor actually goes into the negatives if it goes too high. like if you get 300 Million honor somehow it will automatically turn into something like this:


didn’t happen for me… i have like 15 digits worth of honor