Is there a way to see when people won't be busy?

Basically my problem is that I keep trying to invite people to events, but they’re always busy.
How do I find times when they won’t be busy? Other than doing 1 time events and hoping they are not busy when I try the next event.

Is there a way to find out when people will be free?

The “Check In” screen shows you where some people are, and how long they’re scheduled to be doing whatever they’re currently doing (it doesn’t tell you exactly what that is, only the location). I’m not sure how it decides which people to show there, but it should have all your friends who are busy, I think. Maybe the rest are friends of friends or something?

The challenge though is that sometimes even if you pick an event that ends at the same time a friend’s event ends, they may start up something else immediately, before you can invite them to your own thing. I had a significant other do this to me for about a week in one game.

Yeah, I get that problem a lot.

“You never do things with me!”

It’s cause YOU’RE NEVER FREE!!!
I’ve had several relationships end because there’s never been a time when they were free to do something. So I could never spend time with them.
I think this needs to be fixed. If someone’s in a relationship with you then have THEM contact you for romantic events and such. And force them to hold off doing things so you actually have a chance to go out with them.

Agreed: this really does feel like make-work. A game impediment that isn’t necessary, and isn’t fun.