is there a way to send some one a message with out fighting?

the only way i’ve seen to send some one a message in-game is after you’ve finished a challenge from them. but i’ve got a few challenges from people using expansions i don’t have (although they seem to be using race from the original on a map i made (it was a retaliation) so must be from the orgonal, so i don’t know what from expansions they might be useing…) and it would be realy nice to send them a message saying why i’m not playing the challenge they sent specifically for me rather than just not playing it. so is there a way to send messages other than after battles?

Other then here, no.

think about it. Why would you send another person a message but to comment on their setup after you won or loss? The match would ask a question and you would answer after the match. If you want to chat with someone direct them here w/ a link in the mission log.

as i said, they retaliated to my challenge but they have an expansion i don’t and i wanted to tell them why i can’t play there challenge. it might seem rude to them if i just don’t play there challenge addressed to me and they don’t go to the forums. so i have now answered your probably rhetorical question.

also i can’t find any public challenges that i can play from some of these people so can’t even send them a message by playing there other challenges…

It seems that Cliffski is working at solving that challenge with different expansion problem