Is there a win contion?

So I have a game on the go where everything seems to be stabilized. Nobody hates me enough to assassinate me, although warnings come and go, I get back to 0 debt every time there’s a long enough gap between global meltdowns and I win each elections with at least 80% support. I have to replace my cabinet as their loyalty decays (still haven’t figured out what is so consistently causing this) but other than that, I’m at a point where I press end turn 20 times to win another election. It’s actually gotten kinda boring (although figuring this game out was quite fun), so I now have to ask:

Is there a win condition?

no :smiley:

win an election is easy but mold the country as you wish to is difficult.
you can be a racist and try to eliminate the membership of ethnic minorities, be a big brother and build a police state, you can do anything you want in democracy 3.
it’s much funny and challenging than just winning an election