Is there any point in killing Turrets?

I notice when I play on defense side, I almost always run out of good turrets spots to fill.

Likewise, when I play on attack side, all the good turret slots are almost immediately replaced the moment a turret goes down.

Therefore, I hypothesize that attempting to kill turrets does not help units make it to the other side, because it does little to reduce the damage units take. In fact, by not killing turrets, the defend side would have to waste time disassembling to react to a change (that is, if they didn’t just spam missiles to begin with).

Infantry by contrast are easily killed by machine gun, and therefore I can minimize the average damage taken by using exclusively machine guns to keep trenches empty.

As a prove of concept I alternate between machine guns and repair trucks on a few different maps, occasionally rushing with high speed medium mech to grab supplies. It actually does significantly better than me trying to kill turrets…

So what do you guys think?

OH well I guess this will turn into a unit-effectiveness/balance thread. But I think you are right when some units are stronger/more effective than others. I think its just because of the game’s infancy and stuff needs balancing.

The stuff that lets me win as defense is that I make all my turrets have shields instead of armour (they last longer) I also made a heavy beam turret for anti-armour which works well (costs about 600 though) and I put a heavy cannon + heavy beam right near the start which takes care of most tanks then a small MG after to take care of any infantry.

As attacker, I go in waves of 3 TANK > REPAIR > TANK. The two tanks having laser+cannon If there are lots of infantry then I have a small light MG tank to send in with them.

destroying enemy turrets can mean a brief respite from fire while new ones get constructed, during which your forces can advance, or your units get repaired, so I’d suggest that should make it worthwhile…

Alright I take that back. After some tests, I found out that killing every turrets that gets put out IS possible, at least on Map 3. If you play GSB online before you might recognize this strategy.

Challenge ID 10322 SCRIPTED

Any turrets I try putting down more or less dies in under 5 seconds. Maybe someone else can figure out a defense strategy to this thing…

I tried the map. (Major difficulty, Scenario Units.)

It wasn’t too bad. (I used a mix of Supercooled Gatlings/Heavy MGs with Explosive Force, Light Pulse Lasers and assorted turrets.)

Also, ninja infantry after the MG tanks passed was pretty helpful. :stuck_out_tongue:

No man, not “difficult”, you gotta select SCRIPTED to play my deploy.

Hee hee. Shows how much I know. I’ll give it another go.

EDIT: Heh. If cliff ever needs proof that the highest tier of missiles is OP, this is it. Either that or we need some sort of PD turrets/modules to counter missiles.