Is there any point to the Sequencer?

I mean, it’s nice and all to be able to move to any concentration, but why would you use it when you could move to all concentrations at once? The Collider is unlocked at the same time, is more versatile, and in many ways is easier to use, so I don’t see any real use for the Sequencer.

I agree, the sequencer feels weak as it is - but this might just be down to how strong the hadron collider is. The “collided” state stays with the drug even after upgrading so one visit to the collider satisfies all concentration requirements for upgrading and makes removing maladies easy; the processing time of 4 does not seem like enough of a downside. The only time I find myself using the sequencer is for the hair regrowth upgrade.

That made me think of a possible way to make it useful - give it a process time of 1. That would make it much easier to fit into a full-speed production line than it currently is and than the Hadron Collider. Of course, that will render some earlier processing machines virtually obsolete, but considering it’s a top-tier machine I think that’s acceptable.

That would be nice. You’d make the tradeoff of increased process/machine cost in exchanged for reduced footprint. The first time I unlocked it I wanted to go replace certain parts of my line with them, but it didn’t make sense to really due to the process time.