Is there any way to create a quick custom battle?

Like, between two fleets of my own design?

I want to test out fighter designs against eachother, and I’m not sure how to do it. I could make a challenge with it, but I’m worried and don’t want to spam the challenge page with a bunch of lame challenges.

Issuing youself private challanges is the easiest way.
(put yourself as the enemy and you can always delete them later)

If you dont wish to use the challange system, you could always build your own scenarios.
(bit more of a learning curve, but handy if you start modding. for more details - see the modding section)

I forgot to say, thanks for the help. I got it to work pretty easily when I realized how to address challenges to myself.

I have found issuing challenges to myself using mods results in a crash every time.
Anyone else having the same problem?

That’s an odd one, I have several mods installed and have not encountered that problem so far. If I had, it would have rendered my Diary impossible. I suggest asking in the mod forum in the threads related to the mods you have to see if the creator has any idea. Another thing to do could be to remove each mod, then add one at a time trying to challenge yourself after each addition to see if it’s one particular mod that causes the problem.

You’re right. IT seems the problem is the Star Blazers mod. The Star Wars mod worked fine. It’s a shame, as I really like Star Blazers.

Unfortunately, looking in the modding forum it appears that mod was never finished properly, which might account for the problem you’ve run into. You could always post in there to see if any of the mod squad can help. It might be something simple.