is there such thing as a CD rom or was i jipped on ebay

A seller i bought Kudos Rock Legend from claimed it was a Cd Rom in original box, the reason i may be suspicious is because i been searching for a few years and this is the only time i seen it come up on eBay, as a CD Rom. for a few years i got 0 results on amazon and eBay for this game, and now 1 result on eBay as a CD Rom. so to the point, does a CD Rom really exist or should i file a claim?

as far as im aware there is not cd rom version of the game…but im not entirely sure

Who is claiming on the box to be publishing this game?

Hi - I bought this game from Ebay. It is packaged by Best Buy. The box/case says the publisher is Oberon Media, Inc. . …also says Elephant Entertainment, LLC and claims Kudos is a trademark of Zero G Games.

AND - it doesn’t work. It keeps crashing. I came to your web site looking for support. But is this even your software?

I’m running Vista … lease.html is a press release from their web site

The press release does suggest he made it. Do you get any errors when it crashes?

I can assure everyone that Kudos is NOT a trademark of anyone, regardless of what is claimed. Although I do have a publishing deal with Zero-G, so its probably legit.