ISN News Break: Martial Law Declared

President Clark has declared Martial Law throughout the Earth Alliance! Fighting has broken out between Earth forces loyal to Earth Gov, and Separatist.

Images from the front:
Fighting rages on high above Mars Colony at this very moment.

Babylon 5 has now joined with Proxima 3, Mars and Orion Colony in seceding from the Earth Alliance.

For more information see: Babylon 5 Mod (WIP)
Scenario screen shots are here!

awesome pics! is that there weapons being used on the fight?
Also - tried to access the link of the full topic of this thing but it say’s topic does not exist. Has it been moved out?

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Yes, that screen shot does reflect in game functional weapons. I have continued to tweak, adding show accurate sounds. Parasites just came out for Mac so I am going to try to add some bullet textures for the bolt weapons.

awesome =)
Thanks for the updated thread… it works now