Issue with mods having delayed effects

I added a couple sim values to ‘Foreign Aid’ - negative effects on ‘Global CO2’ and ‘Immigration Demand’ - with delays of 8 and 16 turns. However, while at turn 0 they work as they should (image 1), progressing to the next turn sees them perpetually shaded, with them permanently having 0 effect (image 2).

Mods with instant effect time, i.e. 0, work as intended.

Image 1:

Image 2:


I’ve experienced something similar when I tried replacing capitalist income loss of Automation Tax with wealthy income loss. I had to remove inertia from that override link to make it work.

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I’ve ended up just manually putting them into the ‘policies.csv’ file. It’s a PITA.

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Yeah I also have some modified parts on simulation.csv since overrides can’t add simulation-to-voter_income links.

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