Issues with the game

So I’ve been playing Democracy 4 now ever since it came out. And I absolutely love it already. The game runs very well on my relatively shitty laptop, the gameplay is a big upgrade on Democracy 3 already despite only having one country. I have played both as a liberal socialist and conservative capitalist. I love it and I can’t wait for it to be improved. I have however come across some issues while playing it that probably need some tweaking:

-Unrealistic elections. Having done 20 elections thus far I have not had a single coalition government as of yet. All of them have been either massive majorities or getting about 5% of the vote after an economic meltdown. The swings are too large and unrealistic, looking at the real world there are very few cases where a party has gone from about 70% of the vote (Or ever had 70% to begin with) to 5% of the vote in a single election. It also takes away from the fun of the coalition government mechanic since it is very hard to achieve due to the large swings in popularity.

-Unrealistic debt simulation: I had a situation where the debt grew so large that it was taking up well over half of my expenditure. I don’t know of a single country in the real world where debt repayments take up half of the government’s budget (Not even Japan which has a 300% debt to GDP ratio). At least there should be a policy for a bailout of some sort or at least a somewhat more realistic simulation of the way that government debt eats up income.

-Credit rating. Why does my credit rating get randomly downgraded from time to time, with no relation to the policies I am implementing or the change in ratio to income/expenditure?

-No option to eliminate the capital mechanic, unlike in Democracy 3 where you could turn it on and off

Overall I really really love this game and I can’t wait for a full release and all the exciting mods from the community. But I feel as if some things need to be tweaked to give the game a more real world feel. The game simulates many things very well but having debt swallow up 60% of your government budget and going from 70% to 5% support in one election is too unrealistic. Thoughts?

Are you running quantitative easing or helicopter money? I’ve found its much harder to get debt under control or to improve credit ratings when these two policies are in effect.

Thats true. (QE and helicopter money can be dangerous).

Anyway, glad you are enjoying the game and many thanks for the feedback!
We actually fixed a bug in the credit rating code yesterday (or might have been today… my mind is running on fumes…) but anyway, that should be fixed now. It was a simple code bug, not by design :smiley:

I agree that voters change their minds too quickly, this is something that we do intend to balance.


Great to hear! Awesome that you’re listening to suggestions from the community. Can’t wait to see what the finished project will be!