Issuing commands during battle

I find myself wishing there was a way to issue new commands to ships during battle. I wound up at the end of one Hard battle with the vast majority of my fleet (over 90%) sitting just out of range from an equally out of range enemy ship… and it was their only vessel left but it kept them in the game. I would think that while issuing commands rapidly is against the spirit of the game that perhaps being able to issue one order to a single ship/groups or class of ship maybe once a minute would be a way to adjust to the changes in battle and in particular would make multiplayer against another human AI much more interesting (and perhaps against the computer AI).

I don’t want to see on the fly strategy micromanagement but the ability to make occasional broad strokes which would impact the flow of battle.

I do enjoy watching chunks of my fleet sit and attempt to take out a few fighters buzzing around them but it’s frustrating when they do that and my heavily loaded & shielded uber-cruiser runs up to and collides with a couple enemy cruisers or frigates and then just sits there. One of my uber-cruisers (every time I deploy them at least a couple of them do that) has enough shielding that it can take a continued pounding from multiple enemy frigates or cruisers but it gets right on top of them and then can’t seem to decide whether to shoot them or their fighter escorts. The result is that these large ships just sit there intertwined and unable to come to any useful conclusion.