Italian Mod Created

Hello everybody,

I’ve just done the Italian mod, this mod could need “fine tuning” so I will appreciate some help from experienced people. Anyway, at the moment, the mod works properly and you can use it.

Let me know if you want to help!

To install the mod just extract the “italy” folder to /data/missions, the file “flagitalystart.jpg” to /data/bitmaps/flags and the file “italynames.txt” to /data/names.

Enjoy IT!

TY all! (12.7 KB)

I just downloaded it.

Thank you again. I will test it and give you my opinion :slight_smile:

Thank you, I played and you have done a good work :slight_smile:
but I ask to you…

It would be possible that the italian evasion is not fixed to 30% but It depends from education and tax?
According to me it would be better, isn’t it?

Theres only a tiny flag there, I’d love to add Italy but you need a bigger flag :smiley:

For the flag: sorry but i can’t use the flag tools because i haven’t photoshop :frowning:
For tax: i have changed the parameter to 10% that is much realistic.

I can make you a flag :slight_smile:
link here
just save as and its yours :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the support!

I’m making some work in “tuning” mod valour then I will do a 2.0 version with all new features (tax adjustments and new flags)

Hope to have news soon!!

Hi Amedeo,
Is there a new version of this mod available?

Hi! How do I install the mod? I downloaded it but I dont know how to put it in the game. I managed to do it with the Spain Mod but not with this one please help! Thanks!