Item Manufacturing Adjustment

One issue I have come up is where I have manufacturing for a slot (lets just say wing mirrors) and I’m buzzing along making basic wingmirrors and I research an upgrade for folding wingmirrors. At this time I decide to upgrade my manufacturing slot to produce folding wingmirrors. Hey, why can’t I go back now and produce some basic wingmirrors. Or what if I want to produce folding wingmirrors for some models and basic wingmirrors for my budget cars.

Do I really need to create a separate manufacturing facility for each different type I want. So I’ll need a basic wingmirror manufactory and a folding wingmirror manufactory and one for heated wingmirrors and one for folding / heated ones etc etc… Or am I just supposed to upgrade every model to all use the exact same combination of wingmirrors.

And while I’m on the subject say I’ve upgraded a manufactory to produce an upgraded item can I never turn that ability off. Say i wanted to go from making folding mirrors but I changed my model and now I want to go back to just basic ones. I have to demolish the manufactory and rebuild? Can’t we just have a checkbox to click off the feature and go back? We can always turn it back on later if needed right? There should be a retooling charge.

Installation slots have flexibility in that they can change on the go to install different items depending on the car that comes by. Why is there no flexibility at all with regards to manufactories.

Thanks for your consideration of my rant!

I’ve put a suggestion in earlier for this issue.

The production slot once upgraded can do either the upgraded or non-upgraded version so you don’t need to worry about those.

The issues is with the Manufacturing units is that once upgraded they only produce the upgraded item which cliffski is aware of as he mentioned it in a video blog but I’m not sure there’s a straight forward resolution. Have a read of my suggestion and see what you think.

I think I really do need to change the upgrade button on a slot, once its researched, so that it becomes an on/off toggle, so that you could manage stuff like this, maybe fill a local stockpile with folding wing mirrors, then switch it off and produce a bunch of non-folding one etc. I know it seems counter-intuitive and annoying that once an upgrade is enabled, it currently cannot be disabled…its something I need to improve.