It's on sale!

It’s only 10 minutes early. and I’m sleepy after this alcohol.

Kudos : Rock Legend, the game that isn’t quite a sequel, but is sort of in the same general area, and lets you manage and star in your own virtual rock band, is on sale.


Screenshots: … creen1.jpg … creen2.jpg … creen3.jpg


Buy it!:

This is a low key direct-sales launch, prior to the game appearing on any portals, or any major press splash about it. I’m going to bed now, Enjoy.

Bought it and am downloading it now… Gah it’s taking forever.

Played the demo through one time, bought it.

innocently talking about a mod yields a new game :smiley:

so i talk now also right innocently about a geopolitical sim of our world / or an imagined world (with fewer countries)

lol. :smiley: That would be so cool, dari!

k i just ordered that game so cliffski got a few more for his upcoming game “dictators and nukes” nudge

btw. would i get the most up-to date version of Rock Legend or do i have to get an update as a seperate file ?

and on another note: could there be an option to disable that music-practice-mini-game ?

Hi. the version you buy is always 100% the latest version.
I’m surprised so many people hate the pratice game. One day I must mod an option to bypass it.

got that game (version 1.13 install) - could play without any issues (lucky me :slight_smile:

only one thing was annoying - after loading the autosave after i “finished” the 5year term - i couldnt click on the “other actions” button where one could do a gig or rest this turn - fortunately we got the bug that wastes one turn so i just lost a gig in the most expensive venue (still better than being locked in the same day forever)

btw iam using omega driver for my ati radeon x1950pro maybe that could fix some gfx issues (helped with 3 other games i have)

well its a nice idea - but for me as a complete nonmusical i would like just to skip it - also my memory is not the best for that kind of minigame.
(my solution - edit the melodies.txt and shorten it hehe)

All you have to do is get a pen and a piece of paper and write the melody. I have a big desk calendar full of numbers cause I downloaded the practice game.

I want the newest version but I have to wait cause I had problems with purchasing games online, so I have to cool my husband’s credit card for a while anyways.

I see the game is on as of today.

The game on sale is the one with the option of take the day off in a bar or a spa right? I’ve seen versions that only have to chill at home option only.

You’d be best off buying it from here directly since it’s the most recent version.

This is true :smiley:. you can always try the demo and see anyway.

sigh I wish I’d known about this site since I’m stuck with the Big Fish Games version. $22.95 on top of the price I already paid would hurt.