I've experienced my first crash


My game crashed during a battle, it was a challenge I was trying to beat. I did several attempts before that crash occurred (attempts at beating the challenge I mean) and so it took a couple of tries before it happened. It’s my first ever crash with this game, I bought it on Steam when it was version 1.23 I believe, it’s now updated to 1.26, I had already updated to 1.26 from the installer, but one or two days later (I think, or something similar) Steam “updated” the game (I received a message from Steam telling me that GSB updated), but it remained at 1.26 after that Steam update. Additionally the crash occurred while the game speed was at 4x, if it matters to mention.

I took a screen-shot of the APPCRASH report from Vista, if that may help:


Finally, my system specs is as follows:

Intel E8400 @ Stock
OCZ Reaper HPC DDR2-6400 4 GB @ Stock
eVGA GTX 285 1GB @ Stock
SoundBlaster X-Fi XtremeMusic

I’m running with Windows Vista Ultimate x64 with Service Pack 2, my graphics, chipset and audio drivers are all the latest WHQL versions. As a potential “test solution” I will un-install the game completely and re-download it and see if it helps, maybe the Steam self-update somehow interfered with the installer update. I will report back if I ever see another crash after I re-install it anew.


reinstalling won’t help. hmmm… it could of been a massive overload of fighters. that is known to cause a crash.