I've had a couple of glitches...

First of all, the game occasionally freezes when I move from it to another window, and then back. How do I fix this?
Secondly, even when I eliminate the order to target fighters from my cruisers, they still sometimes sit there shooting at the fighters instead of at other cruisers. Its very annoying, because then my cruisers get shot up, and I lose when I ought to win. Is there a way to prevent them from doing this???
Thirdly, on the online challenges, is there a way to play a challenge I’ve created? I’ve been trying to set up some designs, and once they are registered as online, I can’t access them or fight them (so that I can develop an even better one). Can this be fixed? If so, how?
And finally, I keep having the systemc rash because GSB.exe is not responding… how do I fix that???

There’s one question I can answer: You can specifically post challenges to yourself, it should be an option when submitting.

that problem seems to have disappeared to a certain extent… but the others continue unabated. anyway, thanks for your help! found another glitch, btw! whenever I open the mission parameters in challenge mode, and I require engines to get to the battle, the game throws up that requirement about a thousand times, and crashes the game… I love this game, but the number of glitches I’m finding is nuts…

Galactic Conquest is still a beta. You bought the pre-release of the game, good for upgrading to the final release when such is ready. None of us out here have the final version. Glitches are often par for the course in any such case; triply so if you have a software or hardware configuration that’s a bit strange.

Unfortunately, I’m not [i]using[i] Galactic Conquest. All I have is the plain old vanilla GSB… So that can’t be the explanation…

My apologies; I misunderstood. I think your mention of retreats made me think of that commonly-used tactic in GC, hence my error.

I don’t think I mentioned retreats anywhere… LOL. But its fine. I just want to know how to fix these @#$! issues. I’m having to restart the game so often…

That sounds like an impressively large number of things that make your GSB install fall down and go ‘boom’. Are you auto-patched up to the latest version (1.56)?

I think someone mentioned that setting the order priority to 0% has a better effect than actually deleting it. Though, I have been wrong about things lately, my GSB-fu is weak.