Java Ability

Maybe I’ve just missed this but I can’t see how to raise my Java ability other than to read the one Java programming book.
There’s a particular job I’m after and it need a higher Java rating than I currently have. Anyone know how to go about raising it?

Having a quick squizz in the game files: it seems the ONLY way to improve Java is by reading the book. Unfortunately, even getting the Junior Java Programmer job won’t actually help you.

Wayno, thinking this was perhaps a slight oversight by Cliffski

Eeek. is that really the case? Maybe some balancing went a bit wrong… I might have to add a few new books / magazines etc.

Seems I was wrong about the Junior Java Programmer job; it DOES give you Java skills, but it degrades.

Oddly enough the Java Programmer job does NOT give Java skills, leading to a rather interesting situation if you ever decide to switch out and back into the Java Programmer job :slight_smile:

… or you can add this line to the end of the java_programmer_0.txt file (always backup your game files prior to editing):

Sorry about the initial misinformation; I sometimes forget that I’m not quite all-knowing. Yet. I’m getting there though.

Wayno, out of Pepsi, out of time, out of meh