Jealous Significant Other...solution?

My character has finally won the heart of the fair maiden Tiffany Gardner. However, another female friend consistently asks my character to go gambling with her…just the two of us. To keep the friendships going, I rejected her offer, but then asked her to go gambling with several other people. She said that she was busy that night…with I assume are the plans that I just rejected.

Any chance of those plans being removed from her schedule if my character was the only one that was asked to go, and I said no? Or is this part of the game balancing?

I can never get relationships that high that another man will take out Jacob Melkin.

Do you have same sex relationships enabled?

I set up a social event and make SURE to invite my girlfriend. She says she doesn’t feel like doing that, then calls to complain that I spent time with someone else. If I invited her to join us and she turned me down, it doesn’t make any sense at all for her to call me up and act like I’m sneaking around behind her back.

Geeze, I want a polyamory mod – these jealous SO’s are a royal pain!