Job creation

This is another thing that definitely needs change. I started tallying up all the decreases to unemployment from government programs I have implemented, I stopped counting when I reached -150%. For comparison, the GDP at maximum produces -29% to unemployment, rail industry is -5% and telecoms industry is -7%. So, between 1/4 and 1/3 of people employed by the private sector are employed by one of the rail or telecoms industry, and there are more than 3 public sector employees in my country for every private sector employee.

This needs a re-balance, government programs create too many jobs, and the private sector creates too few. It would also make sense to swap out the negatives to unemployment from private industries for boosts to GDP. Whichever companies are running these industries are making profits, paying corporate taxes etc. as well as hiring employees.


So what are your ideas behind job creation, maybe you’d like to flesh them out more?