Job ends after reloading?

Hi Cliff,

with my third character I experience some strange things. The last two times I reloaded the game there was a message that my job (first as a Cosmetic Surgeon than as a Doctor) ended and that I’ll have to apply for a new one.

I didn’t know these jobs are time limited and if, could it be a coincidence that this happened after reloading?

And how much driving skill is necessary to choose a car as commute method?


I have the same problem. I have a security guard character I was playing last night who is now jobless when I reload. It’s a little strange, I can reload the same game a bunch of times, and occasionally he will still have his old job, but without any of his promotions. About 90% of the time when reloading the same saved game, he won’t have the job.

do you both have version 1.08?

I do, yes.

I think I found a workaround for this. Start Kudos, load the game, quit to the main menu, quit the game. Start Kudos again, reload the game, and you should have your old job again. You won’t have any of your promotions, and your method of travel may be wrong (mine switches from bicycle to bus), but it seems to work consistently.

EDIT - Never mind. It stopped being consistent.

I had the same problem after i upgraded to 1.08.

I didn’t worry about it as i needed a new job anyway

Yes, I also have version 1.08.

same problem here with 1.8

Are these all from earlier saved games maybe? could someone email me a saved game that does this (where the job expires but should not do so), I can’t replicat it here.

No, I started with 1.08. I haven’t played any of the earlier versions.

I’ll send a save to

EDIT - Sent.

Ok I can see this bug now, and I’m pretty certain I’ve fixed it. I’m just tweaking stuff like the new sound engine, and experimenting with 2 activities epr day at weekends. I’ll release a ‘beta’ patch of 1.09 soon that should address all these issues.