Job event text doesn't always fit in the appropriate area

I’m using the new beta 0.3, and just spotted a cosmetic bug.

On my first day of work, there was a “Special Occurrence”. The text for its first line ran slightly under the scroll bar. I can’t seem to figure out how to take a screenshot of the game (ALT+PrtScr captures only the other windows that are open, not fullscreen Redshirt).

Anyway here’s the text in question, which will hopefully help you reproduce the issue:

The “g” in wrong is cut off by the scroll bar.

Edit: And a moment later, I spotted another trivial bug. After hosting an event at the “Wrap Core Breach” restaurant, the last line of text said:

Note the missing “e” from the end of “Lifestyle”.

Edit #2: Another bug, also only visual, but a bit more jarring. Sometimes when I’m reading my spacebook profile, the names linked in various statuses disappear. They will reappear if I scroll the page a bit, but will disappear again if I mouse over one of them (usually, it’s not 100% consistent). It only appears for some areas of the profile. If I’m all the way at the top or bottom it doesn’t happen, but if I scroll part way down it does.

Here’s a save that lets me reproduce it at will. To see the issue, load it up, go to my profile page by clicking on the alien icon and scroll down until the “What’s on your mind” box goes off the top of the screen. Mouse over any linked text (tagged names, “view event”, etc.).

Thanks so much for these notes! Ah yes, I think I know what might be causing all of those issues, and they are each going to be a bit of a pain to try to fix, but I’ll add that to the list of course. :smiley:

Also, you can take in-game screenshots using F9 – they’ll get saved to your data folder (where your savegames are stored!)

Thanks again!