Job modding failure.

I’m trying to mod the jobs(add more) and I am running into issues. I change the stuff in jobs.cvs and either a) the job doesn’t show up; or b) it causes in error along the lines of can’t find …\src\jobs.csv. Some assistance in the form of links or any other form would be nice. Thanks.

You also need job events scripts plus job scripts to make jobs work. Check these folders


for example the first job in jobs.csv:
#,1112,waiter_0,waiter,Waiter,Waiter,Waitress,Snackville…blah blah blah

The waiter_0 refers to the script /data/simulation/scripts/jobs/waiter_0.txt

The next field “waiter” refers to the folder /data/simulation/jobevents/waiter/ and thus the scripts in there

When you create a new job you must ensure that these scripts exist or you will get errors. Also the id number eg: 1112 for this entry, must not match any other number in jobs.csv - each must be unique.

What are the ranges for job ID’s? am I limited to a certain spread or can I use anything from 1111 to 9999?

Alrighty, I did the scripts thing and all… Still the job I tried to make isn’t showing up. Grrr.


I don’t know exactly if the number ranges mean anything specific. However you can have 5 digit ones. So, using that waiter example again you could create a similar job with id 11121

As to it not showing up, remember that jobs don’t always appear as available, they randomly show. If you look in the jobs.csv file you will see one of the fields is “rarity”. I believe this also helps determine when the job shows up.

But, since you created a new job and you didn’t get any errors, sounds like you are on the right path.

Yeah, I’m assuming that the higher the rarity the less it shows up, so I put the rarity for the new job at 0.2.

If I could ever figure out the proper way to add a job and have it show up then I will probably add a crapload of various jobs. Maybe enough to warrant calling it an unofficial expansion.

Yeah… I’ve added quite a few manually before. Currently doing my little web thing and adding a system for it there, then I plan to try and add a whole bunch of building trades and others etc with evening classes blah blah blah… when I get the time.

Maybe we could hit each other up over AIM/MSN messenger/something and discuss ideas on jobs? Or maybe how I can properly ad jobs and such.

And now I’ve got an error popping up that isn’t going away. Like a goon I forgot to make a backup. grumble

actually rarity is opposite. a 1.0 rarity means it always shows up.
Yes I know… but it makes sense to me when I’m coding it :smiley:

That’s kind of what I thought was the case…if a random number was less than the rarity of the job, it would appear in the listings.