Job modding guide

Is now online here:

(scroll down).

What else would people like to know about editing or tweaking the game? I’m happy to get into as techy a discussion as anyone would like concerning how to edit stuff.

While modding, both through the /mods directory and actually fiddling with the CSVs, is fairly straight forward, I do have a few questions.

  1. Are skill GUI names hardcoded? By this I mean the little piece of programming to convert, say, the variable basic_itskills into “Basic IT Skills” under the Skills tab. As I’ve doodled with class and skill creation in the hook_eveningclasses.CSV and every new skill I create ends up list as nv_[hook_eveningclasses.CSV Column C Name]. Some of the other skills in the game, such as keyboarding and paintball, also end up like that, as well. Just curious if there’s anything I can do about it on my end about that problem, as I find it aesthetically displeasing.

  2. Is it possible to create a /kudos/mods/assets or /classes directory in the same vein as the /kudos/mods/jobs folder or is the only way to add things of that nature to go in physically add them to the .CSVs? Also, are the images used for assets hardcoded or is there an images folder somewhere in which images can be added?

Thanks for any and all guidance that can be provided.

the skillnames are in data/strings.ini. basically you stick nv_ at the start of the name for thre object, like nv_bowling.
It sounds like I might have missed a few ;(

I dont have support for bitmaps being in the mod directory yet, this is something I must change at some point. You can of course edit the assets.csv or any other files you like, its just neater mod-wise to keep the modded content separate from the original stuff.