Job Modding Help

I’m trying to add in a new job, but am having some issues. I’ve got the script files, the jobevents, and edited it into the jobs.cvs file, but I feel like I’m missing something. Where exactly do I have to go to edit the information for the…I’ll call them ‘ads’ for the jobs that come up when you go searching? With the job description and such? I’ve got a feeling that could have something to do with why it isn’t showing up, but I know next to nothing here so that could just be me being dense. Thanks~

The job will show up even if you don’t write a custom ad for it, it sounds like you might have set the rarity of the job too low, meaning it doesn’t show up many days. Make that a 1 and you should always see it offered.

Thanks, I saw that from the other job modding thread though, so it wasn’t that. When going to doublecheck and be sure though, I realized I forgot the parenthesis around the ‘tip’ section. Doh. Shows up now. Though that’s about all…hm.