Job stats aren't matching up.

The Xeno testing subject job lists -10 Physical Health and -5 Happiness as part of the job. I figured that’s a daily amount I could take care of.

However the daily job report says I’m losing about 50 to both stats each day (seems to be between 50 and 65 range).
That’s WAY more than I can take care of. How are you supposed to deal with those massive drops?

And why doesn’t the job reflect what you actually lose?

I’ve been having trouble dealing with higher-level job penalties too. I think there might be an unseen multiplier at play, the penalty stat might be inaccurate, or it could be a simple bug. A job that shows a -3 happiness penalty seems to actually inflict a -15 penalty, and a -8 happiness job inflicts -40. I can’t imagine how anyone could manage being a Commander’s Assistant, it must be an incredibly difficult job.

Granted, without those penalties it would be pretty easy to coast by at tip-top shape, so this might be intentional.

I think some form of penalty makes sense. After all, the higher jobs would be more stressful and such.

But the levels they’re at now are simply ridiculous. They need to be drastically cut back. Basically to what the career page actually lists.

When you have items that can give +100 health +100 happiness I don’t think this is a severe issue except for the post of Assistant. That was the only job which I really found severely crippling.

Well, being able to afford those items isn’t easy. Especially with so much money going into events just to keep you from being -100 all the time. lol

Taking naps is free. XD