JobBase.cpp 507 error

After a number of careers gone haywire due to this error I started messing around with the game files and I think I figured out what’s wrong with the career files. It is a problem due to underscores. Now I’ve only tested this with the acting career so far as it wasn’t working well for me before and it started working alright. If it works for other careers too let others know.

Alright , if you’re receiving the JobBase.cpp 507 error while trying to restore a saved game…then chances are that game is probably lost. Or maybe not. Within the game folder go to data/simulation subfolder. You’ll see an excel file called jobs. Make a backup elsewhere. Open the file and in column C under “name” title look at the career names. Most of the careers will have underscores in them like, trainee_reporter_1 or law_partner_1. You need to remove the underscores so that the name becomes “traineereporter1” without underscores. Its a pretty long list so you might just want to rename the careers that you’re interested in playing. Save the file in the same format and close it.

Go to subfolder data\simulation\scripts\jobs. You should see many *.txt files with career names. Rename the files, removing the underscores from the jobs you’re interested in, and that’s it.